Website Redesign RFP: Why Do You Badly Need It?

If you already have an existing website but you’re still not getting the results you wanted, it’s time to look for a Website Redesign RFP. Read this for details!

Maybe you already have a business website, right? But then your problem is that you’re not earning sustainably from it. If it happens, there is a need for you to look for a web designer to redesign your biz site. By this way, you will have the chance to make your business profitable as you wanted it to be. The very reason why your existing website may not be getting the results you desire is reflective to the design itself. There are elements and components which are perhaps lacking. That is why you need to request first the targeted website designer to submit a Website Redesign RFP. The purpose of which is to let you know how your business is going to reap profit through the redesigned website template and structure.

Redesigning a website is not that easy. It requires professional knowledge of the website designer. That is why an RFP design is very crucial. Only a trusted and credible designer can give you a working and results-oriented design proposal. Take note that there are elements which might be lacking in your existing website design. The general assumption is that most of the users of the site didn’t have a satisfying experience. That is why there is a low conversion rate recorded. Or, worse case scenario, there is no conversion at all. Hence, you have to do everything in order to have a converting redesigned website design.

In designing a particular business website, there are things that you have to consider. Of course, you’re not a designer nor a developer of a site. That is why you will need to hire someone who will do the job for you. In this sense, there should be some sort of a screening process which you have to do in order to get the services of the right web solution professional. According to Ramotion, “Hiring a web designer entails a lot of things. It is necessary to be clever in making a decision. Why so? It’s the future of your business which is at stake. Hence, you should be highly knowledgeable of the process of hiring. One requirement is important and that is to require a potential candidate to submit a design and/or redesign proposal for evaluation and approval.”

The truth of the matter is that your business will gain its positive and sustaining momentum when there is a converting and highly engaging business website. It’s a crucial strategy. Failure to consider this thing can lead to problems and issues along the way. So, it is advised that you consult a professional web designer and developer if you want your brand to become highly competitive. It’s not just about creating a website. If you think that after creating the website your business will be going to achieve massive success, you’re wrong. It’s not the reality. The truth is there is a series of things to be done after the design and creation of the website. Promoting it online is the most challenging part. Thus, it should be part of the proposal how the site is going to be promoted on the web.

Elements of a great Website Redesign RFP

When requesting a web design proposal, you should be knowledgeable of some of the most important tips. These things refer to the essentiality of knowing the effective web design strategies which should be present in the website redesign RFP. The requested proposal should contain the succeeding contexts.

Visual hierarchy should be leveraged

What does it mean by visual hierarchy? Well, it refers basically to those visuals which are going to be found in a particular business website. Texts, images, videos, graphics, font size and style, and anything that is visible through the naked eyes, they are all considered as visual elements. They play a very significant role for the achievement of business growth and success. Their in-site presentation should correctly be done. Otherwise, the purpose of your site which is to increase the level of engagement and conversion will unlikely be attained. So, it is vital to hire a web designer who has a deep know-how about leveraging the visual hierarchy of your business website.

There is what we call as the law of visual hierarchy. In this particular law, the aspects to be given with an utmost consideration are the size, position, color, format and position relative to the other elements. These things should be observed properly if you want your website to become highly engaging. Take note that for your brand to hit massive success, there should be an increasing number of people to believe in your offers. Furthermore, there should be more potential customers to be converted as real customers. This is the bottom line why it is important to make your business a trusted source of vital information and content which may depend on how the law of visual hierarchy is observed.

Homepage is the most visible page

The most visible page in every business website is known as Homepage. This is otherwise known as a cornerstone page where all the essential content should be made available. It’s not necessarily long but then the website redesign RFP should manifest it as the most crucial page of all the internal pages. Why is it so? All visitors should be able to see the concise yet helpful information right from your homepage. Thus, the homepage itself should be descriptive. When we say descriptive, it means it must not contain any fluffy message or content. Relaying the message should be done in a straightforward manner. Otherwise, you will be losing the tendency for your homepage to attract more potential customers.

There is also a process known as keyphrase-focused headlining which is applicable in the homepage. Describing the helpfulness and usefulness of your products or services should be done right from the very start. The most indexed internal page of your site, be reminded, is your homepage. Thus, it is important to deliver the concise message about the helpfulness of your brand solution. Because it is the very first page where people can browse and examine, it is ultimately crucial to ask the web designer to ensure that your business site homepage will become very helpful and useful to the visitors.

Limit CTAs but use them wisely

Part of the proposal should be the idea about CTAs (calls to action). CTAs are like magnets that attract potential buyers. They are like forces that ignite people’s interest. With proper use of call-to-action texts, you will be able to have the great opportunity of hitting the so-called competitive advantage. Take note that in your chosen business industry, there can be a tight competition. You’re not alone selling products or services under a certain category. It means, there can be a lot of websites running online, selling the same products or services as yours. So, you have to use this strategy known as the use of proper CTAs.

Why is the use of CTAs important? There are clear reasons why it is claimed as very important. Of course, this is a text that will encourage people to go to a certain link to buy a product or service. Most marketers depend their success on the use of proper call-to-action texts. But here’s the twist. Despite its claimed significance (which is really considered as ultimate), there is still a need to limit its usage. Meaning, not all pages inside your website should have CTAs. Actually, CTAs are often used in product pages. Texts like “Buy this product now!” “Purchase today!” and so on are just samples of how a call-to-action text is going to be written. You have to understand that this approach is very important as far as hitting success is concerned. With proper use of call-to-action texts, chances are you will be hitting the success level which you’re really dreaming of. But when you overuse it, there can be a great tendency that your conversion rates will tend to decrease. To avoid it, the hired web designer should make sure that CTAs are properly used, but not overused.


Whether you have to design or redesign a website, the help of a true and legit web solution provider should not be taken for granted. In a nutshell, you need professional help. You have to hire someone who is well-versed with the so-called website redesign RFP. Of course, before you are going to ink a job contract, you need to see the things which you should be expecting. The results must be favorable to your end. That is why you’re advised to look for a web designer who is highly knowledgeable with a web design proposal that is in line with the modern-day web design tips and strategies. Your business success depends on how your business website is designed and created. Remember that always!